A fusion of colours, design and exquisite textures.

Note Anecdote is the name of a new brand featuring scarves knitted on the thinnest needles, using the most delicate yarns and made by people with a natural affinity for materials, textures and colours.

My love for knitting and all the many possibilities just waiting to be discovered in the materials is great and one that goes back as far as I can remember. It was this intense interest that lead me to design fairs and business visits throughout most of Europe. Searching for materials, colours and knitting techniques that would stand the test of time. With this in mind and based on delicate yarns, soft textures and a Scandinavian colour palette, Note Anecdote finally became a reality. Born by a deep love of these soft materials and the desire to wrap myself up in them. The scarves are produced in large sizes that allows for multiple uses such as a lovely summer blanket as well as a generous scarf. Measuring 150 cm x 200 cm they feature the thinnest yarns in beautifully muted Scandinavian colours.

The materials are a delicate mix of kid mohair, extra fine merino wool and polyamide, which gives them added elasticity, durability as well as an exquisitely soft look and touch.

It all adds up to impossibly soft, thin and delicate scarves or shawls in sizes that increase their uses and hopefully appeals to anyone with a soft spot for good quality and good design.


foged underskrift kopi.png